Clothes to Wear During Cancer

The Right Clothes to Wear During Cancer Treatment Sessions

Paulette Potter
June 8, 2019 0 Comment

Cancer treatment is certainly a process to get ready for, and this includes choosing the right type of custom t shirts and clothing. Cancer treatment can last up to months or even a few years. The right clothing is as important as daily medication and medical regimens that may incorporate chemotherapy or other therapies which lasts for three to four hours. It is advisable that the patient is comfortable before undergoing such an operation.

There are different kinds of therapies given to cancer patients. Examples of these therapies are: chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, and various more. Nevertheless, anyone who is undergoing any therapy stated only needs to wear hospital-appropriate clothes.

What to Wear During Therapy?

Comfort must be the number one priority when choosing what clothes to wear for cancer treatment. Accessibility to the area of treatment must also be given to the medical practitioners responsible for executing the treatment. All in all, comfortable and easily removable clothes are a must when undergoing therapy.

Overnight Stays

Overnight stays at the hospital are unavoidable. You must always bring clothes that you can wear to sleep in even if you’re only expecting to be staying at the hospital for a day. It is also advisable that you bring extra clothes to the hospital if your home is an hour or more away.

Skin Conditions

If you are experiencing allergies, burns, itches, or any skin condition that may impair you from wearing shirts, buttoned-clothes are recommended. This does not only give you comfort but allows your doctor to have access to your body with convenience.

The type of material also matters for this will be the one in touch with your skin. Synthetic fibers should be avoided like nylon and polyester which are not breathable unlike natural fibers. Cotton is the best choice so far for comfort and breathability.

Weight Loss

Patients who undergo treatment normally lose weight. So, be ready with clothes that are smaller in your current size. They may come in handy when the time comes you lost some of your weight.


This is a treatment for cancer that uses radiation in high doses in order to kill and stop the cancer cells from spreading. When a patient undergoes this type of treatment, he/she might experience skin reactions during or after the therapy.

Given this information and if you are to undergo radiotherapy, you must be ready with clothes that are comfortable to the skin like those made of natural cotton fibers. Clothes that can be easily removed are also advisable because your movement might be impaired from the skin reactions caused by the therapy.

Adaptive clothing is often used by patients who experience limited movement or are physically disabled. These clothes usually come with zippers or Velcro. You can also have custom t-shirts prepared for you.


If you are going to receive cancer treatment for the first time, you should know what you need to bring with you during your stay at the hospital, and what you should wear during treatment. Make sure that the clothes you wear will be able to boost your recovery time, comfort, and the convenience you can give to your doctors which will allow them to perform better.