CBD Oil Effective Against Cancer

Is CBD Oil Effective Against Cancer?

Paulette Potter
April 27, 2021 0 Comment


One of the difficult conditions that a person may have is cancer. Nowadays, several things including the CBD oil are being tested to discover some potential cure for cancer. One of the potential cures for cancer is using CBD oil.

CBD oil comes in various forms. Some oils can be dropped under your tongue, solutions with CBD oil are vaping, and roll-ons that can be applied to your skin. Some food producers use CBD oil for their foods to become edible.

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil is a product of a marijuana/cannabis plant. Even though it is extracted from a cannabis plant, it does not have the ‘high’ or another intoxication effect that is usually associated with the use of cannabis or marijuana plant.

Just like the cannabis plant, the use of CBD oil is also controversial. However, you can’t ignore the fact that it could be a potential cure for various illnesses including cancer.

Can CBD oil cure cancer?

As of now, no evidence can prove that CBD oil is effective against cancer.

Can CBD oil alleviate the symptoms or side effects of cancer treatment?

It’s difficult to determine if CBD oil alleviates the side effects and symptoms of cancer treatment because studies have various results.

There are reports that cannabinoids like CBD and THC may be useful in treating vomiting, anorexia, neuropathy, insomnia, anxiety, and depression.

Is there any product with CBD oil that has been approved by FDA to treat any illnesses?

There is a product with CBD oil that was approved by FDA, it is the Epidiolex. It is approved last 2018 to treat Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (epilepsy-related illnesses). It is the only CBD product approved by the FDA to treat certain illnesses.

Are there any side effects that are associated with the use of CBD oil?

In the warning label of Epidiolex, it is stated that CBD oil has an adverse effect on the liver. Also, other studies claimed that CBD has certain enzymes that can affect the body.

That is why it is very important for people to understand, especially cancer patients, that CBD oil is not a medicine.

Important information about CBD oil that cancer patients should know.

It is very important to let your doctor know if you are using CBD oil. In that way, they can make sure that nothing could affect your cancer treatments.

Also, do not purchase any products with the health-related claim. The only approved product by the FDA with CBD oil is Epidiolex.


CBD oils do not have an intoxicating effect, unlike other product that is produced through the cannabis plant. Some people believed that using CBD oil can be helpful in treating some illnesses such as insomnia, depression, and anxiety. However, there are no strong claims that CBD oil can cure cancer. So it is very important to research CBD oil before using it. Also, it is highly recommended to consult your doctor first, if you plan on using it.