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Potential Benefits of CBD in Treating Cancer

December 5, 2023 0 Comment

Cancer isn’t always a death sentence – pharmaceutical science and oncology discoveries have proven this true. One of the recent studies is about CBD as a treatment for cancer. The progress recorded is encouraging, although it is still being researched and tested. Additionally, emerging research suggests that compounds found in THCa flower may also hold promise in cancer treatment, further expanding avenues for exploration in oncological therapies.

Here we explore the benefits of a CBD cancer treatment when it finally becomes popular and widely used. Read it below.

CBD as a Treatment for Cancer – What We Know

Several reviews and studies have documented certain prospective qualities of CBD in the fight against cancer.

For example, a study revealed that Cannabidiol, the most active ingredient in CBD, can help slow down tumour cells’ growth. These tests, however, were carried out in the laboratory with sample cancer cells and in an animal.

Cannabis plant and Cannabidiol CBD

Also, varying other studies reported that:

  • CBD oils can help to enhance the absorption of other drugs used in cancer treatment
  • CBD oils can prevent cancer cells from multiplying
  • CBD oils may contribute to cancer cells’ death and inhibit tumours, hence, their anti-tumour abilities.
  • CBD oils can also help manage the effects of regular cancer chemotherapy by reducing pain and inflammation. It’s also been discovered that it can enhance the patient’s appetite. CBD oils have also been linked as a powerful solution to reduce anxiety in different types of cancer patients and help them sleep better.

More research is being conducted to perfect these discoveries and ascertain them in human models.

The Potential Benefits of Using CBD in Treating Cancer

When these discoveries listed above eventually become a standard, the benefits will be endless, and here’s how:

1. More funds will be invested in research and development

It takes millions of dollars in research to formulate the drugs used to treat cancer. If CBD oils become approved, these funds can be diverted to make quality CBD oils readily available for purchase. This redirection of resources could potentially accelerate the development of innovative treatments for various medical conditions, leading to improved healthcare outcomes for millions worldwide.

2. Cheaper cancer treatment for all

The cost of drugs, chemotherapy, and radiation in treating cancer is a big burden on some patients. If CBD oils become a standardized cancer treatment medicine, more cancer patients would be able to afford them. This accessibility could potentially alleviate financial stress for individuals and families facing cancer diagnoses, ensuring that quality treatment options are available to all, regardless of their economic circumstances.

3. CBD is much more renewable

CBD oils are plant-based products. The plant source – Cannabis sativa, still has a shaky legal standing in many places. Nevertheless, if CBD oils become widely accepted as a cancer treatment, that would change. Hence, more growers can legally cultivate the plant and make the supply chain somewhat sustainable. This shift towards legal cultivation could also lead to advancements in agricultural practices, promoting environmentally friendly methods and potentially reducing the carbon footprint associated with traditional cancer treatments.


There are a lot of encouraging and noteworthy potential advantages to using CBD to treat cancer. Studies have shown that CBD has exceptional properties to prevent tumour growth, improve the efficacy of conventional cancer treatments, and reduce chemotherapy-related side effects. These findings are supported by ongoing research as well. Furthermore, if CBD is widely accepted and used as a cancer treatment, significant long-term effects could result. Adding CBD to cancer care has the potential to completely change the way that modern medicine is practiced, from more funding for research and development to more accessible and affordable treatment options.

Even though more clinical research is required to definitively establish CBD’s effectiveness in treating cancer in people, the current findings give patients everywhere hope and encouragement. To make an informed choice, it’s critical for anyone thinking about including CBD in their treatment plan to speak with their medical professionals. In the end, there is still more work to be done to fully utilize CBD in cancer treatment, but the opportunities for better patient outcomes and quality of life are endless.