What Does It Take to Become an Oncologist?

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October 8, 2021 0 Comment

Are you thinking about a career in oncology after high school? Well, you know you have to pass exceptionally on your final high school exam. Joining Med School is no joke. After high school, you will need to pass the MCAT, the Medical College Admission Test, to enter Med school.
You might also be wondering whether you can join an oncology program straight from high school or have to enroll in a pre-med program first. Before we check on the process for you to become an oncologist, who is an Oncologist?
Oncologists are specialist doctors who…

CBD For Different Types of Cancer

What Research Shows About CBD For Different Types of Cancer

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August 9, 2021 0 Comment

For years now, the uses of CBD oil continue to increase for various ailments. However, there have been major concerns on whether CBD oil can help cancer patients. What are its effects on cancer, and what does scientific research prove?
In previous tests, cannabidiol oil has shown promise for cancer treatment. Nonetheless, it is yet to be proven whether the oil can prevent cancer. Cancer results from the growth of abnormal cells in various parts of the body and the spread of these cells. Unfortunately, cancer is slowly becoming a prevalent non-communicable disease.
Studies Done to Show the Relationship between Cancer and CBD Oil…

Vaping Cause Cancer

Can Vaping Cause Cancer? Learn More through these 5 FAQs

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June 11, 2020 0 Comment

Vapes and e-cigarettes have taken us all in a storm, affecting a good percentage of smokers, all vaping industry experts creating a whole new fad and following. Vaping has also led to many speculations regarding our health. Yes, it comes with its negative effects, but does vaping really cause alarming diseases and conditions, such as cancer?
Expert medical advice from Healthline discusses 5 of the most frequently – asked – questions regarding the matter, and this hopes to shed light on the situation.
Are there any cases of diagnosed cancer directly attributed to vaping?
Since vaping is a new activity, there aren’t documented cases …

Clothes to Wear During Cancer

The Right Clothes to Wear During Cancer Treatment Sessions

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June 8, 2019 0 Comment

Cancer treatment is certainly a process to get ready for, and this includes choosing the right type of custom t shirts and clothing. Cancer treatment can last up to months or even a few years. The right clothing is as important as daily medication and medical regimens that may incorporate chemotherapy or other therapies which lasts for three to four hours. It is advisable that the patient is comfortable before undergoing such an operation.
There are different kinds of therapies given to cancer patients. Examples of these therapies are: chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, and various more…

Keep Your Heart Healthy!

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April 28, 2019 0 Comment

Now is the time to focus on your heart health and engage in activities to keep it healthy. This means that sometimes getting off the best sofa recliner you have and getting out into the fresh air. Or inviting friends over for a BBQ, just make sure that you have the right cookware. Another option is to clean the house, including very spec of dirt behind every faucet.
Exercise is essential for everybody at home or in the garden, especially for cancer patients and survivors. In fact, specialists in the field of cancer treatment affirmed that it can help you in numerous ways. Exercise reduces the chances of cancer recurrence and fatigue, fights muscle atrophy, improves mood, and boosts the overall quality of life.
Before …

How Do I Tell My Loved Ones about My Cancer Diagnosis?

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March 8, 2019 0 Comment

Deciding the right time to inform your family and friends about having cancer can be very hard. This is especially difficult for individuals diagnosed with incurable cancer such as mesothelioma. Playing golf can often serve as a good platform to break the news. After letting your loved ones know, shower them in gifts, such as the best golf equipment. Cbd products are a good means to relax before telling them. Golfers of all levels will appreciate this thought. They may feel sad or become frightened of your prognosis, but the sooner you tell them, the sooner they can help and support you through it.
Worrying about how your family and friends may feel is very normal. Communicating your feelings with your loved ones can help you both…