22 years have passed since Addams was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was 48 years old, married, and a father of 2 young daughters. He had been in the hospital for 10 days with stomach and back pains before the tumor was checked and discovered cancer.

Doctors informed him that his chances of survival were slim (removing the tumor with surgery proved to be impossible because arteries and veins were involved). They recommended chemotherapy that was very aggressive and had warned him about the risks and side effects.

Refusing to accept the hopelessness of his condition, Addams searched for people who had lived and survived despite their terminal diagnosis. His findings that showed over 20,000 cancer survivors became his motivation to form a national movement that focuses on the holistic survival and prevention of cancer.

Shortly after his battle with the disease, Addams Hill became the founder and CEO of Cancer Recovery Canada Foundation, a non-profit organization that promotes integrated cancer care that unites conventional medicine with nutrition, physical activity, positive attitude, social support, and spiritual cleansing.


Cancer Recovery Canada aims to become the beacon of hope to individuals and families in their encounters with cancer through the community, spirituality, and education. We listen, empathize, and sympathize. It is our mission to lead the fight against cancer.


Cancer Recovery Canada was founded in 2002 by Addams Hill 5 years after he had fully recovered from his malignant disease. At that time, the foundation had 5 doctors assisting Addams in providing help and raising awareness about cancer. Despite the immensity of their task, the team began to write journals and articles, providing a monthly bulletin of cancer information and recruiting professional doctors throughout Canada in their aim to guide and assist individuals throughout their fight against the disease.