Cancer Recovery Canada Foundation is grounded in the belief that beating cancer requires tending for the individual’s total well-being.

Physical Activity

In the past, people with chronic diseases were often advised by their doctors to reduce their engagement with physical activities and rest. This advice, however, is intended when movement causes shortness of breath, rapid heart rate, and pain. In fact, newer studies found that exercise is a safe and possible treatment for cancer. It can also improve your quality of life and how well your body performs.

Excessive rest can weaken the muscle and reduce your range of motion and body function. Today, many people are learning about the benefits of being physically active. That said, finding an activity that you appreciate will help you be well again.

Your strength, stamina, fitness level, current cancer treatment, and the stage and type of cancer you have can greatly affect your ability to exercise. Explore our suggestions and references to select an exercise program appropriate for your physical problem and limitations.

Proper Nutrition

Proper nutrition and pure filtered water are vital to preventing and beating cancer. Being knowledgeable about which foods can assist in healing and which can trigger cancer cells or impede the treatment is crucial.

Eating foods low in salt, sugar, and fat, consuming whole foods, and drinking adequate amounts of water will enhance your healing process. Start eating better. We will help you achieve a proper meal plan. Turn your diet plan into an anti-cancer strategy.

Positive Attitude

Developing a positive outlook will immensely help in the healing process and minimize psychological stress. Many survivors believe in the actual connection between the mind and body – every individual has the capacity to manage their own attitudes and thoughts. They focused not just on fighting cancer but also on the process of healing.

Your attitude is a fundamental contributor to your recovery. Look into our resources that can help you maintain a positive state-of-mind.

Social Support

Engaging in positive social connections reward you with a great sense of belonging. As such, having healthy and strong social ties is important in obtaining happiness.

Survivors believe that having support from their loved ones greatly contributed to their recovery. Investing and nurturing important relationships and less in those that are hazardous and toxic to your well-being can reinforce your healing.

Allow laughter into your life. Learn how to build healthy relationships as part of your wellness program.

Spiritual Cleansing

Spirituality signifies your inner peace. It implies forgiveness, settling unresolved conflicts, releasing toxic emotions such as bitterness, anger, fear, and hatred, and embracing your capacity for compassion and love. Spiritual cleansing can be realized through prayer, affirmation, and meditation. These methods should be embraced enthusiastically by cancer patients as lasting lifestyle changes.

Although remaining faithful may prove difficult at times, try your best not to lose focus. Forgive and practice unconditional love so you can free your energy to heal. Having a loving spirit can be a powerful therapy in itself.