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Cancer Recovery Canada Foundation

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Programs for Cancer Recovery

From education and conventional cure to financial assistance, Cancer Recovery Canada Foundation will equip individuals and families with dependable programs to survive cancer.
Breast Cancer Fund
We help ease the burden of women struggling from financial hurdles associated with breast cancer by providing utility and rent assistance. The Breast Cancer Fund welcomes any form of assistance from social workers and medical professionals on behalf of our grantees. We aspire to provide help in every patient in need and administer the program on a quarterly basis in accordance with the patient’s situation and accessibility of funds.
For these women, every dollar is of great value. Donations to the Cancer Recovery Canada …

Partner with Us

We are only able to operate these life-changing programs with the help of our generous donors and volunteers. Together, we can make a huge impact. Partner with us, participate in fundraising activities and make a tax-deductible donation. Local fishermen have joined forces with us. They are donating fishing equipment as well as taking patients on fishing tours….

Give Support

Expensive treatments, visits, and prescriptions can be financially distressing. We count on our generous volunteers to support the initiation of our programs and provide a roof of compassion and light of hope to cancer patients. Your helping hand will directly assist them in patient-focused activities as well as in their basic living and treatment expenses….



Clothes to Wear During Cancer

The Right Clothes to Wear During Cancer Treatment Sessions

Paulette Potter
June 8, 2019

Cancer treatment is certainly a process to get ready for, and this includes choosing the right type of custom t shirts and clothing. Cancer treatment can last up to months or even a few years. This may consist of daily medication and medical regimens that may incorporate chemotherapy or other therapies which lasts for three to four hours. It is advisable that the patient is comfortable before undergoing such an operation.
There are different kinds of therapies given to cancer patients. Examples of these therapies are: chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy, and various more. Nevertheless, anyone who is undergoing any therapy stated only needs to wear …

Keep Your Heart Healthy!

Paulette Potter
April 28, 2019

Now is the time to focus on your heart health and engage in activities to keep it healthy. This means that sometimes getting off the best sofa recliner you have and getting out into the fresh air. Or inviting friends over for a BBQ, just make sure that you have the right cookware. Another option is to clean the house, including very spec of dirt behind every faucet.
Exercise is essential for everybody, especially for cancer patients and survivors. In fact, specialists in the field of …

How Do I Tell My Loved Ones about My Cancer Diagnosis?

Paulette Potter
March 8, 2019

Deciding the right time to inform your family and friends about having cancer can be very hard. This is especially difficult for individuals diagnosed with incurable cancer such as mesothelioma. Playing golf can often serve as a good platform to break the news. After letting your loved ones know, shower them in gifts, such as the best golf equipment. Golfers of all levels will appreciate this thought. They may feel sad or become frightened of your prognosis, but the sooner you tell them, the sooner they can help and support you through …

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